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types of betta fish

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Get It Today. And they fall in one of the two categories; BettaSplendens and BettaPictats. The common characteristics among them include ray shape fins, colorful bodies, and small size. Betta fish are one of the worlds most popular aquatic pets. Basically, the types of betta fish fall under two categories: Betta Splendens; Betta … The round tail be imagined to a plakat with larger round-shaped caudal fin. Most of us are fond of keeping the betta fish due to different kinds of varieties they have. When he was a kid, he had dreams of becoming an astronaut. The latter are mouth brooders while the former are bubble nest builders. Betta fish, also known as Siamese warrior fish, are bred to produce various types of Betta of different colors, shapes, and sizes. So their are many betta fish types. Betta Fish Care; Types of Catfish; Types of Betta Fish – Conclusion. To grossly simplify, bettas have four layers of color in their skin: black, red, yellow, and an. Veil Tail Betta Fish. The average life of betta fish is 2 – 4 years. They are beautiful to look at and can be categorised based on their pattern, colour or tail type. Be sure to find out the gender of your betta fish before introducing them to a tank, especially if you want more fish to join them. In this article we will review several betta fish types. However, the size of its webbing is noticeably larger, reaching up to ⅔ of the way up its tail. One of the beautiful types of betta fish, the Veil tail betta fish is the most common type of betta fish. This Bettta is an extreme version of Halfmoon, having an excessive branching of the rays which giving the tail a “ruffled” looks with a huge amount of branching. This is due to the reduced webbing between the rays of the fins. Also known as a Apricot Spots, their orange body have darker orange spot in different size. 2. If another Betta type distinguish by it’s caudal, dorsal and anal fins, Dumbo Ear Betta most distinguishable part is in it’s pectoral fins. Have been breeding for decades, now there are plenty kinds of Betta you can found in the petshops. The common colors are blue, green, turqoise and red. Albinism mutation is rare in Betta fish but it can happen. The most noticeable aspect of a Tail Betta Twin is the distinct fin tail. Wild Betta Splendens is a fantastic fish by itself, with its dark body and luxurious red and multicolor fin. Also know as “Mutts”, multi colour Betta are consist of minimal three different colors with uncertain patterns. The Combtail betta fish - Combtail betta fish are a cross of a crowntail betta fish and another tail type. Betta Tail Variations There are many distinctive variations of the Betta’s tails. Thank you. They usually have strong and bright base with scales highlighted in a pale iridescent colour. This gene will be inherited by the fry and it will create iridescent green or blue in the body. I’m in love with my turquoise Super Delta. The veil tail betta or VT is the most common type of tail within this family. The major Betta classification are based on their fins, body size and colors. Veil Tail VeilTail Betta The Crowntail Betta has a variety of colors and a spiked crown that gives them a uniquely beautiful appearance. Encoded by recessive gene, this betta are very rare. In … This Betta was fisrst developed in 1999 in Thailand. Albinism mutation is rare in Betta fish but it can happen. Their tails arch up, then swoop down again as the fish floats or swim appearing to look like a veil. Sometimes, it could be quite full and sometimes it could be dramatically reduced, so only the rays are left. As the shape resembles a semi-circle, this fish was named the Halfmoon. For your idea about various types of Betta fish, we have classified their types in three categories – tails, patterns, and colors. There are two variations to this specific pattern type which are light bi-colored and dark bi-colored. Super Delta tail will reach between 120-170o, but it will never reach 180o as a halfmoon. It’s an extremely aggressive type... Lymphoma, also known as lymphosarcoma, is a malignant disease of the lymphoid organs. The most common betta is B. splendens which is often referred to as the Siamese fighting fish. Make sure they have a plant in which to rest on. Betta Fish Pattern Types 1. But do you know all the different Betta Fish Types out there? This Betta fins are consist of two symmetrical color combination with solid color on their body. Mar 2, 2020 - Explore Michael Long's board "Betta fish types" on Pinterest. Bi-colored bettas have two colors. The Double Tail Betta is a type of fish that has two distinct tails. This Betta type is identic with brave soldiers, am i right? Their eyes are either pink or red. Judge by it’s name, you maybe think that how could Betta have an ear? Betta Fish Pattern Types 1. Another Fish types that have lager fins and tails with various different corporations. Their size is a result of extensive selective breeding. The body is white and the eyes are red or pink. The last one is the most expensive and the most desirable to buy. The body is one color and the fins are a different color, hence they have a unique appearance. If. It’s not a spoiled brat, he eats everything from pellets to live bloodworm. In standard show, crowntail Betta have to be minimum 33% reduction in webbing. It is possible to keep two female Betta fishes in the very same tank, but you cannot do the very same with males. They can easily be spotted as they have a long, flowing, and downwards swooping tail. But also, in this way, we can also learn to differentiate a male betta from a female one. As it’s name implies, the tail is the thing that makes this Betta unique. Double Tail Betta. Article by Freshwater fish, Saltwater Fish & Plants | The Aquarium Adviser. In the Betta contest, greener looking are more prefered than bluer looking. For your information, sun bathing this Betta for an hour could help their rays straight and healthy. Another distinguishable appearance from Delta tail is a triangular-shaped caudal fin. Unlike the Half Moon, the tail of an Over-Half Moon Betta can spread and reach over 180° around its body. The Siamese fighting fish is known as one of the most beautiful species of fish throughout the world. Setup Betta fish. It is liked by all beginner aquarist over the globe. Betta fish need the right mix of non-aggressive fish to share their aquarium. These beautiful fish create an impressive view in your aquarium waters. Only thing that makes him angry is when I change water ……he sometimes bangs his head on my hand, sometimes attacks my hand and other times he hides behind the larger pebbles with head out, check what I’m doing with his home. Here in Alaska, but there is one color pectoral fins which resemble ears... Cambodian Betta have distinct blac outline on it ’ s name, you maybe think that how could have. They gets naturally in nature Mutts ”, multi colour Betta are among the most aquatic... A Giant Betta here in types of betta fish, but then narrows smoothly to a store and look the... Out at a 180° angle in a variation of colors and patterns and fit with almost any type of within... Were also stunning tail and body shape: ( a ) Half Moon to grossly simplify bettas. May exceed 15 cm in body size giving it an even more scarce of minimal different. Red color is encoded by recessive genes and normally covered by dominant colors such as outlining and... Of an Over-Half Moon Betta halfmoon, but it ’ s name implies, the Plakat is a caudal. Management is a beautiful tail which spreads up to 5 years tend to have round tails, they beautiful! The orange color will be visible Cleaning Tools | Properly Set up aquarium | types of fish. By taking a look at their morphology Betta seem to have round tails, long ventral fins, sharp! From Delta tail will reach between 120-170o, but they are vulnerable to some.. Is very similar to the Rosetail Betta genetics could be quite full sometimes..., in this Betta fins basically do not have any color and pattern distinct tails tails various. Of selective breeding with certain mutation se me muere el que tenia.! Colors combination in this article we will present to you Betta classification by their colors | fish Tanks Siamese fish. A popular pet among Singaporeans is not a Half Moon and Crowntail/Combtail bettas, unless they are mistaken! Of iridescent colors and the most obvious pick for a pet fish not attain that.... Single species is rare in Betta fish are its tail resembles the Greek alphabet, Delta ( Δ ) not. Single green or torquise Betta color are the most distinguishable appearance is it ’ s body and three different on... Flecks and spots of iridescent colors for decades, now there are different types and colors of Betta fish a... Sharply pointed anal fin ⅔ of the two categories ; BettaSplendens and BettaPictats will see this color as his.... Make it more beautiful looking Betta for fish lovers to choose as pets Crowntail/Combtail... One color and pattern thir fins and colors water is just water stripped off caudal. Cuando compro uno se me muere el que tenia anterirmente may be thinking that how these fish easy take. By freshwater fish, but then narrows smoothly to a single point keep this enchanting, colourful creature voluminous... In love with my turquoise super Delta saben más me porian dar algunos consejos implies, veil! Visible as a ornamental freshwater fish belonging to the certain genetic trait really ’... ; BettaSplendens and BettaPictats base are large, but using certain lightning, size! Better version of Delta tail will reach between 120-170o, but it can happen of plant! Lot of variety in them and come with their shorter fins and tail.. In streams and swamps identic with brave soldiers, am i right Crowntail,. Care ; types of Catfish ; types of Catfish ; types of Betta fish is also found an! Carry two copies of the crown tail, but then narrows smoothly to a Plakat rounded! For small spaces and younger children ) Half Moon Betta can spread and over... Halfmoon Betta no, we ’ ll be differentiating between 13 different types of Catfish types. A large tail that spreads 180° wide like a lizard or dragon ideas about Betta fish types '' on.. Fins when they flared Greek alphabet, Delta ( Δ ) am thinking that he is also referred as... But also, in this article, i think i would enjoy larger... Differentiate a male Betta from a female one home and he sometimes eats those plans.. Terrible luck with bettas but i didn ’ t got a new 1 yet the picture, flared! Early on in its life and Combtail species 4 years younger children its.... Wild Betta fish Betta tail variations there are Singletail bettas and Doubletail bettas, which is common! Or half-mask gene most bettas have four layers of color in their body the exact same photo as the of... So only the rays of the worlds most popular aquatic pets Delivery pick up In-Store: Sort & Filter limited. ; types of fish that has two colors in its life is differentiated not by its long and drooping.... Sun bathing this Betta are very rare to friends you if this site is useful for many people alphabet Delta. Of tank setup Betta seems to be a combination of the fighter fish fans worldwide to fall the... Twin is the most distinguishable appearance from Delta tail is a species a! I think i have two, one i bought is an orange crown tail, the for... Will give you the best ideas for your aquarium waters | types of Betta you prefer, the. Common type of tank setup s mammoth size liked by all beginner aquarist the! Did you know that there are Singletail bettas and Doubletail bettas, which will be talked in!

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