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chenopodium album south africa

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The leaves may be taken in the form of an infusion or decoction as a laxative and anthelminthic. Vencill WK, Foy CL, 1988. Williams JT, 1964. South Africa. Two distinct germination peaks have been recorded in Europe, one between March and May and a second between August and October (Fryer and Makepeace, 1977). (Zu Vorkommen von Chenopodium-Sippen im Zillertal (Tirol, Österreich).). The weed problem in vegetable production. White Goosefoot ... Chenopodium album have alternate leaves that are a grey-green colour with toothed edges. It is equally widely distributed in both the northern and southern hemispheres, occurring in Asia, North America, Europe  (Brenan and Akeroyd, 1993), India, South Africa, Australia and South America (Williams, 1963). Differential response of weed species to herbicides in potato. Fitopatologia, 27(2):104-109, Atul Bhargava, Sudhir Shukla, Deepak Ohri, 2008. Journal of Ecology, 61:213-217. by Brown H, Cussans G W, Devine M D, Duke S O, Fernandez-Quintanilla C, Helweg A, Labrada R E, Landes M, Kudsk P, Streibig J C]. 28:229-233, Stokes, P., Rowley-Conwy, P., 2002. Atrazine-resistant biotypes have been a particular problem in maize, but a combination of reduced herbicide application rates and mechanical cultivation have provided effective alternative control strategies for both triazine-resistant and susceptible C. album biotypes (Parks et al., 1995). CSIRO handbook of Australian weeds., vii + 264 pp. Anupama Sharma, Raja Ram, Zaidi AA, 1998. Genotype × environment interaction studies in Chenopodium album L.: an underutilized crop with promising potential., Communications in Biometry and Crop Science, 3(1):3-15˜cbcs/articles/CBCS_3_1_2.pdf. Lorenzi indicates resistance to asulam and only moderate susceptibility to acifluorfen, butachlor and metolachlor in Brazil. Description: Chenopodium album is a fast growing weedy annual is extensively cultivated and consumed in Northern India as a food crop known as bathua. Identify Plants. It may also be used as a fodder for livestock. C. album is autogamous but also wind pollinated, and flowers are occasionally visited by insects (Blackwell and Powell, 1981). 32. The virus was mechanically transmitted to a limited host range with Chenopodium album, C. amaranticolor, C. quinoa and Gomphrena globosa being the only hosts infected outside the Cucurbitaceae. Kent, UK: L. Reeve & Company Limited. United Kingdom. Weed Research, 5:283-295. A new foliar fungal pathogen, Alternaria alternata isolated from Chenopodium album in Pakistan., Pakistan Journal of Botany, 41(3):1437-1438, Indu Sikarwar, Dey, Y. N., Wanjari, M. M., Ajay Sharma, Gaidhani, S. N., Jadhav, A. D., 2017. Genome size stability across Eurasian Chenopodium species (Amaranthaceae)., Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 182(3):637-649 Difference in herbicide resistance to various taxonomic populations of common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) and late-flowering goosefoot (Chenopodium strictum) in Hungary. National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, USDA-ARS, 2017. Potato and weed problems in Poland (1991-1995). C. album is somewhat poorly circumscribed taxonomically, and genotypes cultivated in the Himalayas that are assigned to C. album bear little similarity to the weedy form of C. album (Partap et al., 1998). In: James LF, Ralphs MH, Nielsen DB, eds. Proceedings of the Second International Weed Control Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark. Chenopodium album is a ANNUAL growing to 0.9 m (3ft) by 0.2 m (0ft 8in). In South Africa, the collection of these two types of leafy vegetables from the wild, or from cultivated fields where some of them grow as weeds, has a long history that has been intimately linked to women and their traditional livelihood ... , Chenopodium album and Tribulus terrestris. Crop losses due to weeds in Canada. Downy mildew on four Chenopodium species. Ohri D, 2015. Rostlinna Vyroba, 33(1):17-26. Chenopodium L. In: Tutin TG, Burges NA, Chater AO, Edmondson JR, Heywood VH, Moore DM, Valentine DH, Walters SM, Webb DA, eds. Downy mildew on four Chenopodium species. It is domesticated in the Himalayan region where it is grown as a grain crop and it is cultivated as a traditional leafy vegetable in India (Jansen, 2004). Ecological approaches to Indian weeds. Lorenzi HJ, Jeffery LS(Editors), 1987. In areas where the population density of C. album is very high, the stale seed bed technique can be used to encourage weed emergence prior to crop sowing so depleting the soil seed reservoir. They are not buoyant, but may be transported long distances by water. Chenopodium album of other authors, not of L., Schinz (in part), Chenopodium mucronatum Thunb., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Oil made from this herb is used as medicine. Sen D N, 1981. Ascochyta caulina, a myco-herbicide, has been used for control of C. album (Horsten and Kempenaar, 1994; Kempenaar, 1995). Chenopodium album White goosefoot originates from Europe and Asia and is widespread in southern Africa. Prado Rde, Dominguez C, Tena M, 1989. Proceedings of the Second International Weed Control Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark. Proceedings 12th British Weed Control Conference. Bikaner, India: Agro Botanical Publishers. Beijing, China: Agricultural Publishing House. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Wind. Weeds of central, southern and eastern Arabian Peninsula. The Flora of Delhi. olukondae Murr, Chenopodium opulifolium Schrad. Weed control handbook. Common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) interference in sugarbeets (Beta vulgaris). Rubus ellipticus, a perennial weed host of prunus necrotic ring spot virus in India. [Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture. In vitro propagation and Agrobacterium mediated transformation studies on Chenopodium album., Journal of Ecobiology, 27(3/4):359-364. New Delhi, India: CSIR. Weed Technology, 2(4):505-508, Bindal Gautam, Rathour Rajeev, Sharma, T. R., Rana, J. C., Dev, S. K., 2012. In the Himalayas, where it is grown as a subsistence pseudocereal, seeds are ground into flour for pancakes and bread, and may be boiled for gruel. I learned, however, to distinguish the few Calendula seedlings and to keep some flowers for my mother. 301pp. Weeds of the United States and their control. Tokyo, Japan: Zenkoku Noson Kyoiku Kyokai. Farmland Weeds in China. Common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) interference in spring barley. (El mildiu en cuatro especies de Chenopodium.). Interference of common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) in transplanted tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum). Evolutionary reduction of complex life cycles: loss of host-alternation in Pemphigus (Homoptera: Aphididae). Coquillat M, 1951. A catalogue of problem plants in South Africa. It was found that WMV‐Mor. C. album like with many other indigenous leafy vegetables in the country is usually not Kubat A, Choroszewski P, Pawińska M, 1996. 1954. On 16 February, 2018, South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs issued amendments to the regulations and lists relating to the National List of Invasive Species. Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal, 18(2):1-5, Reinhardt CF, Meissner R, Labuschagne N, 1994. Aragon L, Gutierrez W, 1992. C. album occurs from sea level to altitudes of 3600 m, and from latitudes 70°N to more than 50°S. An erect, branched (occasionally unbranched) annual herb, green, more or less coated with white mealy pubescence. The himalayan grain chenopods. 1. Discover. Fungal phytotoxins with potential herbicidal activity to control Chenopodium album., Natural Product Communications, 10(6):1119-1126, Conn JS, Thomas DL, 1987. #PolliNationSA. It is an annual herb but most commonly found as a weed. Grain are also used as a poultry and livestock feed. Significance of seed dimorphism in Alysicarpus monilifer DC. British Crop Protection Council. From our award winning customer care to growing sheet downloads for all items stocked, we are with you on your exciting growing journey! Fermented alcoholic drinks are also brewed (Jansen, 2004). Chemical control of broad-leaf and grassy weeds in wheat (Triticum aestivum). Economic considerations of poisonous plants on livestock. Shobhana Ramteke, Sahu, B. L., Dahariya, N. S., Patel, K. S., Blazhev, B., Matini, L., 2016. In: Flora Zambeziaca, 9 (1) [ed. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: University Press of Hawaii. An integrated system of weed control based on weed situation scouting. It is a severe competitor with several crops. Flora of British India, Vol. Slagelse, Denmark: Department of Weed Control and Pesticide Ecology, 1037-1039. Weed Technology, 7(2):537-542. ... Australasia and South Africa. Hooker JD, 1885. cymigerum Koch (synonym) Chenopodium album subsp. Weed Technology, 7(4):884-889. The size, vigour and reproductive capacity of individual plants is affected by intraspecific competition, but less so by competition from wheat (Williams, 1964; Koblihova et al., 1987). Proceedings of the Second International Weed Control Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark. Slagelse, Denmark: Department of Weed Control and Pesticide Ecology, 1027-1029. (Sen, 1981).|C. In crops such as wheat and barley narrow row spacing, cross row sowing and higher seed rates can further suppress the growth of individuals (Johri et al., 1992). Ashford, Kent, UK: L. Reeve & Company Limited. Volume 9 Part 1. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. Wilcut J W, Swann C W, 1990. C. album has been identified among targets for future research into the potential for biological control (Schroeder et al., 1993).Chemical Control Chenopodium album of other authors, not of L., Schinz (in part), Chenopodium mucronatum Thunb. Iron age cultigen? London, UK: Flora Zambeziaca Managing Committee. Host suitability of 32 common weeds to Meloidogyne hapla in organic soils of southwestern Quebec. Effect of the period of interference of Chenopodium album on the yield of oats and lucerne. A European weed survey in 10 major crop systems to identify targets for biological control. Control of triazine-resistant smooth pigweed (Amaranthus hybridus) and common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) in no-till corn (Zea mays). Interference between weeds and crops: A review of literature. Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal. Tokyo, Japan: Japan Association for the Advancement of Phyto-Regulators. South African Journal of Plant and Soil: Vol. Tucson, Arizona, USA: The University of Arizona Press. Chenopodium is a genus of numerous species of perennial or annual herbaceous flowering plants known as the goosefoots, which occur almost anywhere in the world. ex W.D.J.Koch & Ziz subsp. White goosefoot is an important weed in various crops like wheat and maize and is also a problem in gardens. by Lorenzi H J, Jeffery L S]. Noxious Range Weeds. Schratt-Ehrendorfer L, 2012. Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan, 52(3):394-403, Amin, M., Mahmood, K., Bodlah, I., 2017. Weeds of Bhutan. Beijing, China: Agricultural Publishing House. Weeds of Brazil, terrestrial and aquatic, parasitic, poisonous and medicinal. Torner C, Sanchez del Arco MJ, Pardo A, Suso ML, Caudevilla ME, Zaragoza C, 1995. CABI Compendium: Status as determined by CABI editor. South Africa. Japan Association for the Advancement of Phyto-Regulators. Stem erect, much branched, green or purple-red striate, stout, ribbed; branches oblique or spreading.

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